High-End Salons & Spas absolutely need creative Videos and top quality Photographs

Through our creative approach in video and photography, we offer innovative promotional and branding solutions to hair salon owners in North America and Western Europe. Our success is based on a deep understanding of the industry, a true partnership with our clients  as well as our double expertise in Photo/Video and Marketing/Communication.

“Now is the time of Visual Marketing, when every picture and every video can participate into boosting or crashing a brand.”

Video Clips and Pictures for a high-end and efficient Social Media strategy

Do you have beautiful guests who love great hairstyles and colors?
Let’s document their new style with a high quality video clip. Much more powerful than a before-after, this video is an powerful tool for your branding as it showcases your visual identity, the work of your stylists, your place and its atmosphere.

A “true story” effect: Your clients identify themselves better and feel closer to your creativity.
Your flattered guest/model becomes your ambassador in her community, extending your viral and social marketing.

Shooting of your last creations for Hair Style Contest or Look Books

You want to show your creativity and your expertise, take part to a Hair Style contest or update your website and ads?
The quality of the pictures must absolutely match the quality of your work.

Stylists & Colleagues

High end and homogeneous portraits of your team have many advantages.
They are a part of your branding and show your level of quality They become an expression of your creativity
They motivate your stylists and show them that they are part of your strategy

Team at Work

Video Clips and artistic Photographs of your Stylists in action

Your Identity and your Place

Show what makes your Place and your Brand so specials.

Magazines talk about us…